Group Similar Element and Count the Instances

Good day. Hopefully you can help me. I would like to create a graph that will result similar to the image below wherein all structural framings with the same length will be grouped and count the instances.


Right now I am stuck in here:


I will then write a file to excel. thanks in advance.

It is do-able in Dynamo- but probably easier to let Excel deal with the counting and grouping- it is pretty good at that.

If you export a list of all the structural framing members to Excel, then in a separate worksheet or even a separate Excel file, link in the data. This means you can just overwrite the ‘data’ worksheet or file each time you run it, then refresh the ‘summary’ to get the current data

I used a pivot table in Excel in the below example to do this.

20180309 structural member count.dyn (10.6 KB)


Thanks Andrew for your quick reply.

My apology. I think I explained it wrong.
I am almost there. I want to combine the same type in the list as shown below.


My current graph is:

Yes- I have just arranged it a bit differently- but you can probably fix that in Excel so the length/count is to the side, rather than beneath

I have the members grouped by type, with a count of each length of that type

great! thanks Andrew.