How to group similar items in a list

Dear all,
I am trying to create a 2d column schedule, I got all the family types. But, I want to group the similar types as a separate list. Please guide me how to do that.
Thanks in advance.

Won’t this work for what you’re after? will need to use ‘String from Object’ node.

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Thanks lknapton,
Actually I tried this also except I didn’t know that I have to feed the list.GroupByKey twice from the same node.
To all peers, please suggest a good source to learn Dynamo.
Thanks once again.

The Primer is a very good resource to get started:
You will find example files there, among other things:
I would also recommend to watch the videos on the learn page (with related datasets to download):
For continuous support, you will find descriptions of OOTB nodes in the Dynamo Dictionary:
And descriptions of custom nodes in the Dynamo Nodes blog:

Apart from this, there is a long list of online courses that are worth to be watched…

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Thanks a lot. Its surely addictive and gives a feel of satisfaction when all the nodes you put in starts to work. :slight_smile: