Group Curves and then offset of curves does not work

as mentioned in my previous post i use “Group Curves” to select multiple closed curves imported from a CAD file. work so far fine.
But if i use offset then Floor.byoutlinetypeandlevel complains that i have more than 1 wire.
If i connect direcly to the output from “Group Curves” to outlineCurves it works well.
Where am i wrong?
Thanks in advancequestion.dyn|attachment (18.1 KB)

In the Settings menu in Dynamo, play around with these settings, and see if that changes the outcome of the graph before changing anything in the graph.

Thanks Marcel, that effects nothing. it was set to medium.
The offset and floor works well when i give only the first list item of the two closed lines to the offsetnode.
But with the whole list it fails

Try : Give it a value of 1.

Sorry also not working

question1.dyn (21.6 KB)
When i connect the first item from the list to polycureve.byjoinedcurves it works for the first item.
Do i have to iterate thru the list?

check with the cuveisclosed node
and maybe with this one, give it a bigger value

ow, btw, what does the error above the yellow node say?

This is the warning:
Warnung:Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel fehlgeschlagen.
Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve

Changing the value does not do anything.
Seems that the offsetnode gets confused by the groupedCurvesoutput

What values have you tried ?
try a big value

I also tried.
It works, if i take only one element from the list, so it must be something else.

Got it working :slight_smile:
After Offset i have put the outcome again into “Group Curves” Then it is working as expected. Got the idea tonight :wink:
see attached file, for those who are interested.question_solved.dyn (29.5 KB)