Error at polycurve offset

Hi everyone!
When I try to offset a polycurve, I have the following error: “Curve join produced more than one WIRE in PolyCurve”. With node Curve.Offset the same situation. If I try to offset it to a smaller distance, it works.
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening this way and what I should do?

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Hi @Ovchinnikov2.vv

I do not know why this is happening, but maybe you could try the Offset nodes from the
CIB (Civil Infra Benelux) package :slight_smile:


Yes, it seems to work, but it does this in a very strange way.
Anyway thanks a lot! I will try to figure out how this node works and try to fix this problem.

Thank you for answer!
But it doesn’t work too. I get the same error as when using standard Dynamo nodes