Group by key to override color

Hi guys,

I have a problem, I want to override color of 1 special group of elements and I successfully group them, but my color override wants elements, not groups… so how do I convert grouped by key to elements so my color ovveride works

thanks for your help my friends!

Hi @fbergeronPM5NT,
Can you please share a screenshot of your graph?

You need to group your elements by their key values. Right now you’re grouping the values by the values. Just take the All Elements of Category output into the list input for GroupByKey.

YOU ARE A LEGEND BRO. Thanks for this insight!

It is working perfectly!

Last question about it, do you know how to have bigger gap between colors , right now it change according to key but the difference is small between each!

That kinda depends on how many groups you have. You could use the Color Range as-is (without specifying colors) for a broader range, or you could try using the same number of colors as groups you have and skip the Color Range all together.

Is there a fast way to assign same amount of colors than number of groups? without having to redo it everytime I need it?

The quickest and easiest way is to probably just use the Color Range as-is. As long as you don’t have too many groups that should be enough.

thank you my friends, you are the best, I love you simply just LOVE YOU! thanks for everything

If I remove all the colors palette, what am I suppose to put in Color and indice values? I cant just let the value and remove other 2 variable, can I?

Color Range has default values for color and indices. You can ignore those and just space out your group values evenly like you are currently.

Here’s what that would look like. Obviously the more groups you have the closer the colors will be, but that may not be a problem depending on how many groups you have.

I got 280 lists… that is the reason… I listed them by lenght because thati s how I need to color it… I should maybe do lenght + levels parameters so it reduce the list ! but If I add another parameter with a list then link it to my current parameter, math round doesnt work anymore, it doesnt matter much tho, will do tests tonight ,thanks brother!