2 categories to group by key

Hi guys,

I am trying to put 2 categories into 1 element.getparametervaluebyname.
the goal is to color the fondation part and the walls so we can divide the concrete work by phase accoridng to the “identifiant” that we put.

I dont have error but it just put all the elements into the same group, however, it doesnt put 1 color by phase, it keeps separating it…

thanks for your help

Can’t tell you what’s going on if we can’t see the data. Post a new screenshot with the node previews shown so we can see what’s going on. A diagram showing us what you’re looking for would be helpful as well.

Well it does look like your joining the lists which would combine the groups. Try doing list create instead, see if that gives different results closer to what you want?

But thats my best guess at whats going on from the minor information your image is providing

thats the goal :slight_smile:

List.Create gives me an error in the override.
the goal is that by assigning a specifc description ex; phase 1. then , everything on phase one appear 1 color, everything phase 2, another color etc… then it will give me a sequence to work with and an average concrete amount that need to be done per day

@fbergeronPM5NT See if this helps

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Works perfectly thank you so much sir!
was missing the list.flatten. you are awesome thanks my friend!

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