Grid points in space


I want to create a simple way to create grid points in spaces.

I noticed DynamoMEP node Space.Grid, but what how do i find space node?

If its a simpler way to get points in array, please help me out.

Kindly regards

Dynamo file:

@stein1987 Apologies in advance if I’ve misinterpreted your query and my response appears condescending.

I’m going to assume, by space you meant this

Space, here, refers to this

Based on my assumption, all you’re probably looking for is this …


Thank you for your kind answer Mr Subbaiah.

But i cannot get these points inside a revit “space”. ( you are assuming space correctly.

My goal is to get light fixures by points to Revit spaces.

Do you know a way to get these points to Space by name or selected space?

Hoping this was a little clearer from me,

Looking forwards to more inputs.

Why via DataShapes am l now not getting a grid of points, but before using DS, l did. Any thoughts welcomed.

I spotted my error.

I did not flatten list from DS. :grinning: