DynamoMEP issue with space queries?

I’m trying to find space location points from a list of space elements, however I get the warning “Warning: No function called %get_BoundaryElements on a Revit.Elements.Element that takes __array could be found”. See screenshot. The same warning appears for other DynamoMEP space query components.

Help appreciated, thanks!

Check and make sure you have no unplaced spaces in your list.

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Hi Nick, all spaces present and correct. Have checked for warnings, but all clean - no phasing, duplicates, repeated numbering, just simple test model with four spaces.

I’ve run into the same issues with the DynamoMEP package, most of the nodes no longer work for me. Maybe the author @Simon_Moreau can shed some light on this?

Hi !
You need to convert Dynamo Elements into “CustomRoom” or “Space” before using DynamoMEP component. To do so, use the CustomRoom.FromElement and Space.FromElement nodes:


Ah thank you Simon, much appreciated. Working now!

@tblight Always mark the post as solved if you find answer.