Grid of points according to # of familyes (x) and # of types per family (y)

Hi everyone,
I haven’t participated in the forum for a while but I have been reading quite a bit.

I am trying to create a grid for placement of families according to the number of families of a certain category (spacing in X) and the number of types in each family (spacing in Y)

I got it up to a point where it works except for the Y
I can count and test (boolean) the number of types in each family but I don’t know how to get an iteration of Y coordinates from that number.

Note: I am using 1.0 in revit 2017.2 as the “all family types of category” from clockwork does not seem to work with 1.2 on my machine (thanks for that great serie of nodes and people like Kulkul, Konrad, Andreas, …)

this is what I want to get as a grid of point

Family_placer_to_grid.dyn (69.5 KB)

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I will reply my own question. And I am quite surprised nobody got interested.
The solution was in the definition.

List Take Items with the count of types per family in the amount input and the list from the range or any range node.

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Nice work! I was trying to do the same, but didn’t get quite as far.