Grid lines on surface

Hi all, I’m trying to create a set of grid lines on a surface that break around an opening. I’ve modified the graph from this post

Does anyone know of a way I can get the lines to stop and start around the openings?

For some reason the the horizontal line errors through the openings, but not the vertical lines. If I take out the filter it works but that’s obviously disregarding the openings.

The end desired result is to have a set of lines that are continuous when there’s no opening and when there is an opening to have 2 broken lines on either side.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Try using Geometry.Intersect
SurfaceGrid.dyn (4.3 KB)

Thanks Vikram that’s exactly what I’m looking for, hopefully it works on irregular shaped surfaces too.
I couldn’t open your file, it said it was corrupted so I had to type it out. Am I missing something?

Grid on Surface.dyn (2.9 KB)

Actually interrogating further the nested list at index 4 and 5 (the 2 horizontal lines that pass through the opening) have 2 lines that are split around the opening. The 2 line lengths + the length of the opening are equal to the total length so it seems to be working. And it does work for irregular shaped surfaces.
Thanks Vikram!

Hi Jimmy,
It is not corrupted. @Vikram_Subbaiah created on latest daily build version 1.1. Your using older than that is the reason you get that error.

I know my file is 0.8 but I have 1.1 installed and it still couldn’t open it. Surely the daily builds are backwards compatible to the most recent stable build?

You need to Turn off Preview for code block. And here is the dyn file version 1.1 Surface Grid (v 1.1).dyn (2.9 KB)

Thanks Kulkul

Vikram this has been working very well. However my DS knowledge is very limited. I’m trying to edit the code bloke to be able to accept multiple surfaces with nested lists for the spacing in the x and y directions as below. The desired output would be a nested list of lines per surface.

Or if anyone knows how to achieve this with either dyanmo nodes or with python it would be much appreciated, I’m a lot more comfortable working with these

SurfacesGrids.dyn (4.6 KB)

That’s brilliant Vikram, much appreciated. If you wouldn’t mind could you please explain what’s happening? I sort of get that you’re getting points on the surface then drawing lines and then I assume intersecting that with the face with the geometry intersect node. Not quite sure how it’s cutting the lines out though.

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