UV grid on a wall surface with its openings



I’m still new to dynamo and visual programming in general. I have this problem than I can’t seem to find a solution for so kindly help me out.

I’m trying to use Surface.PointAtParameter node to draw a grid of points on a wall surface selected from a Revit file. however, the grid of points seem to be passing by the wall openings as well which is something I don’t want.












I thought this was maybe a problem with importing surfaces from Revit models so I tried something else, which was creating a surface.bypatch from a circle, then trying to draw again surface.pointatparamter, I get a grid of points out of the extent of the circle !

I confused or maybe I’m missing something, I checked www.dynamoprimer.com and one of the tutorials shows a surface where only the drawn grid points lay on the surface itself and within its extents and not outside as well.

Dynamoprimer section 6.4


Tarek, considering the way Point at parameter works now, the below definition should help yo do what you want



Thanks Virkam for your reply,

I tried your definition but it ran with an error I can’t understand, kindly help me out please.

I have also attached the definition in case you want to have a look.









Thanks a alot

UV grid on wall


Tarek, change the lacing on the Geometry.DoesIntersect node to longest


ohh … my bad !

Thanks a lot Virkam for your support.