Surface.SubtractFrom - Another Bug

Hi all :slight_smile:
It has been a long time since I posted here, and I come to you with I believe to be anoter Surface.SubtractFrom bug. See the previous one here :

In the exemple I encountered this morning, the Surface.SubtractFrom output is the same as the surface given in input, even though the input solids do intersect it. Here are the relevant screenshots and files :

The graph (as simple as it can be):

The input (and alas output) surface :

The input solids :

The SAT files :
Surf.sat (2.3 KB)
Opn.sat (63.7 KB)


Hello…seems it works as it should… or ?

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Strange… Maybe this has been corrected in an updated version ?
I have Dynamo 2.1.0 (version on which I developped most of my scripts), but I didn’t updated Dynamo ever since.

Not sure, but in your image above you actuelly have turned the last node preview off…

I’ve juste turned it off to take the capture :slight_smile:

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This is also working for me in Dynamo Core 2.12 :slight_smile:

We did make some updates to the node as there was a bug with it that you may be running into. Is the node working for you with other cases or not?

A workaround, which uses one more node :slight_smile: (Note, it will be computationally a little heavier with this workflow, and only work on surfaces that are in the same plane)


Thanks for the input :slight_smile:
This is the only instance where I encountered this problem, I had the same script running thourgh hundreds of other surfaces, and this is the only one that cause a problem.

I’ll try to update Dynamo in the future (and my scripts), and see if this does solve the problem.