Create grid on surface

Hey Everyone! Im trying to make a grid with the x and y distances that align to the 90 deg edge of a surface. Can anyone help me with that? i want the grid to be aligned for each surface and i dont want the grid to go past the extents of surface.

DYN: for surfaces
formwork cleANED.dyn (111.1 KB)

Are you looking for the X/Y distances defined by a cartesian system (surface independent, fixed length) or a UV system (surface dependent, length relative to surface)?

UV surface dependent. I want them to always be perpendicular / parallel to a 90deg corner. i dont want them parallel to any angled side.
And thanks for the quick response!!

You can simply set a CoordinateSystem and place points related to it.
Set your CS based on the UVs

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hey Fabio, i tried that out but i couldnt orientate it per surface. im trying to orientate each grid to the surface. The circles represent a possible origin. the goal is for each surface to have there own individual lines on them.

i made an image for an example. Thanks for the response!

Here it is an example:

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hey sorry for me not understanding … i havent worked with lines and coordinate systems yet. im still not getting what you are getting…

formwork cleANED.dyn (144.1 KB)

Not so different: just create your CS with UVs

cs by UV.dyn (24.6 KB)

hmm. this is what im getting when i do that.

formwork cleANED.dyn (152.1 KB)

This clearly show that you don’t have sloped UVs: they are exactly like globals coords.
So you have to go like my previous post, taking X vector from and edge, not from UV.

okay so i want 8’ by 4’ grid on each panel… i dont understand what this is exactly doing… sorry i dont understand…

formwork.dyn (83.6 KB)

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thanks Virkram! works perfectly

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hey Vikram, Is the same thing possible for the vertical surfaces that extrude down from the perimeter?

Should be possible.
In the case of verticals you might need to think of a way to determine an origin and the X and Y axis. Then create divisions at the desired intervals.
Should be simpler than the slabs as you won’t need a grid of panels here.

@Vikram_Subbaiah So i tried acouple different things

i was thinking i could just use the top lines and then create planes at segment lengths and then split them. But i cant seem to get the structuring correct. it splits some and not others, how could i restructure to use the top lengths then cut the side surfaces…

@Vikram_Subbaiah UPDATE**

I was able to create the sides panels and now im trying to trim the geometry to the correct size. Having issues with my list structure again… but ill let you know if i can figure it out.
09b - CREATE FORMWORK INNER BEAMS using top.dyn (99.4 KB)

@Vikram_Subbaiah so i cant find a way to trim this surface back to the original size is there another way to do this?