Grid irregular surfaces


I have a simple script that gets the spaces in a Revit project and passes them to surfaces. Then with the Lunchbox Quad Grid by Face nod I manage to do a grid on them. But it only works for rectangular surfaces.

Is there a way to grid irregular surfaces with that node, or is there another node? Maybe split previously the spases with something.

I attach a photo of an example of spaces and how they get a grid. I had to separate the room in the middle into two regular spaces because otherwise it would crash.


You could use isocurve a to build a grid on your own and then turn the isocurves into surfaces, join them into U and V axis aligned polysurfaces, and use that to split your base surfaces into a sub-sections of the surface. This could have some issues with oddly shaped rooms but the ‘surface area’ in question should work.

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But if I do a general grid, it would not divide the surfaces equally in them, but divide them according to the whole project.

Can you provide a sketch of your ideal grid segmentation?

I solved it by grouping the curves by extended parallel lines and appyling it to the surface as a grid and an intersection

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It was the picture on the right