Grasshopper Arc not importing to Dynamo correctly

I’ve created some simple geometry in Rhino/Grasshopper and I’m exporting it succesfully using Mantis Shrimp to Dynamo.

I’m having an issue wit some arcs from Grasshopper that are being converted incorrectly. The inverse of the arc created in Grasshopper is what appears to be created in Dynamo but not for all the arcs. See attached images. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this issue and a potential fix?

A workaround would be to create the arcs in Dynamo using the imported geometry but I wish to avoid double handling so to speak. Thanks in advance for any help.

if anyone will even considering helping with this, they will need sample files for rhino/grasshopper/dynamo/revit to say the least.


Thanks for your reply. Link below to the files I’m using.