Mantis shrimp not working properly with rhino 6

I installed Mantis Shrimp for Dynamo and Grasshopper. But the Components in Grasshopper are not working. It Say the Following error.

When I try to use any component in gh It says:

  1. Solution exception:No module named mantisshrimp

Even though the rh_Path.txt is in the Right Location, the Error above is still showing.
Any Idea why?

This is the Message coming in the Script editor

Runtime error (IOException): Could not add reference to assembly ProtoGeometry

line 11, in , “C:\Users\Oliver\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.0\packages\Archi-lab_MantisShrimp\extra\”
line 22, in script


What version of Dynamo do you have installed?

Ps. I can’t get Rhino 6 to work on my machine just yet. I won’t be able to debug the issue here until I get that resolved. Apologies.

Hi Konrad,
I am Using Dynamo 2.0.

I am having the same problem can you help me?

Hi Konrad, hi all
Same problem or almost - from one hand RH v6 MantisShrimp seems to work, but when I close and re-open RH+GH Mantis seems to lose the correct path stored in the rhPath.txt
on the other hand, Dynamo v 1.3.4 seems not to work properly I can’t export simple NURBS surface ( I have also noticed that nothing happens when I try to write RhinoCommon.dll path from Dynamo and consecutively to write any GH file from it).