Grading optimization parameters in Dynamo

I am trying to obtain the grading object properties from grading optimization in dynamo? I don’t see the properties as Xdata, or AutoCAD parameters… curious if there is a way to expose those properties.

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You might want to look into Dynamo for Civil 3D as well as the ‘Civil 3D toolkit’ from its package manager. That introduces many AutoCAD related nodes and functions. They aren’t available in Revit itself as far as I know, but the dataextract command can be used to get some data from AutoCAD files inside AutoCAD itself for use in Revit/Dynamo.

@GavinCrump just as you are pro in the Revit realm, Samir is one of the pros in the Civil 3D realm and is very fluent in Civil3DToolkit. There is a newer tool in Civil 3D that uses generative design to shape a TINN surface based on user inputs and traced grading zones and drain lines; it’s pretty neat but I haven’t used it enough to have even thought about needing Dynamo with it yet lol. Thanks for all your YT vids btw, very helpful.

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Thanks! Good to know, and great to see interest and a community growing for dynamo for civil 3d.