Extract Extended Data information from Civil 3D objects

I have been looking for some references to extract the Extended Data information from Civil 3D solid/corridor objects.
The extended data contains a couple of custom created parameters.
Are there any dynamo nodes (either in Revit dynamo or Civil3D dynamo) to extract the information?

@shivaling welcome to the forum.
Have you had the chance to look at the property sets nodes in Dynamo for Civil 3D?

Surely I will check thank you.
Currently I am working with Dynamo for Revit. I have been using CivilConnection package for extracting the data from Civil3D corridor.
I have been able to create the Revit model. Now I am trying to access the parameters from and assign it to Revit model.

I was able to fetch only the parameters from Design tab. Is it possible to fetch the info from Extended Data tab as well from CivilConnection?

Thanks for the creating the CivilConnection package. Helped a lot.

It is possible to extract the data via CivilPython and then read the information back in Revit.
With Dynamo for Civil 3D it is possible to do the same OOTB.

Great… we will try with Dynamo for Civil 3D.

Earlier we were trying to extract information from VB script, but in vain. Unable find correct API references.
Also if you have any references/links on how it can be done with CivilPython, that would be great.

Thanks again.

@shivaling I’ve developed the scripts for CivilPython and they became the samples you will find in Dynamo for Civil 3D using Python for the Property Sets.

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Awesome @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1
Thank you. Will refer it.