Google Sheets Export - Raindrops no longer working

I downloaded Raindrops to try and read and write to Google Sheets on Revit 2017.2, Dynamo

But the Setup node doesn’t have inputs:


like it does on the instruction video:


The nodes are dll so I can’t fiddle with them.

The web site at packages site is also dead (
Considering nodes are for Revit 2015 I assume Raindrops is dead.

Anyone know of an equal alternative?

I tried DynaWeb but the example doesn’t work. Dynamo doesn’t fail but nothing happens to the spreadsheet. There are inconsistencies between what is in input nodes and accompanying notes so it is hard to know what isn’t working.

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It might be because Google made some changes in the way authentication is done (oAuth 2.0). Have you considered using Flux instead? They have a free account option(with certain size restrictions, which are usually very reasonable) and have a gSheets integration:

However, you’ll have to go through an additional interface.

So far I’ve found Flux incredibly frustrating.
Setting a project in Flux didn’t work until I logged out and back in;
Setting up a schedule didn’t work until I logged out and back in;
It crashed Revit on first try of Flux plug-in;
Then took 20 minutes to gather all doors;
When I tried to export doors to Flux it said some-one else had ownership. Why? Surely it is not changing the doors.
I also tried the Flux Scheduler app, but it didn’t export all data, it missed a floor.
So I never got to the point of pushing the data to Google sheets, which is perhaps redundant in Flux anyway as the data can be edited in flux itself.
Maybe Flux will be great one day, but it seems a bit undercooked to me.

Hi Antony
I am using Raindrop Package for import information by google sheet

Must configure API Revit Authentification

After some experimenting I have also got it working. Pretty neat once you figure out how it works.

do you know if it would work for exporting data from revit to google sheets since I can not find updated directions how to do it

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I’m trying to do this… i got the acess code, but… after… access.googleservice is not working…

Hi @daniel.petrin,

You could try what my colleague @vincent.cadoret published the package on dynamo packages website a few weeks ago,

The instructions and basic documentation to get you going are available on github