Googlesheets connect. Raindrops access to node code

If the developer of the Raindrops package is still about, is there any chance the code inside the nodes could be shared. There are other google sheet service that would good to use…


Your recent post indicated you were exporting to gsheets. I’d like to use gsheets more, but there is limited information out there. Can you point me to any updated packages with google sheet connections?. Or share any code on how it is working?.

Hi @Justin_Wright,
Happy I picked your interest. My colleague @vincent.cadoret is working on a set of nodes that will do what needs to be done with gsheets, he is close to releasing it, but you might have to wait a few days before it is ready.
I will make sure we let you know when it is released

My colleague @vincent.cadoret publiched the package on dynamo packages website a few weeks ago,



The instructions and basic documentation to get you going are available on github