Interoperability wih Adaptive Components and Maintaining Element ID's

Hello Forum,

I have the current workflow for adaptive components that make up a building Facade:


Each component can be defined within range of 4-7 points (it is the point data that is coming over from Rhino to Revit via GH, Excel, and Dynamo – please see image below for the component). Dynamo is creating the adaptive components in a separate Revit Project, which is then linked into our central model. This process has been working great except for one issue which will surely become a greater issue as the project moves along. Every time there is a design change to the facade, and new set of data points is sent over to Dynamo, in turn re-creating the adaptive components in the facade project file. This creates new element and unique ID’s for every facade element. The effect is the loss of all annotations in our central model (DIM’s, keynotes, etc.,).

I am looking for a way to overcome this. I am getting the feeling this will involve generating a new script that takes the already created adaptive components, and changes the location of each one’s point data. However, I feel I will have the same problem as I will need to use the adaptive component node to re-make the elements with the new data (hence creating a new element and unique ID).

Is there a way in Dynamo to alter the locations of adaptive points for an adaptive component (basically changing the existing adaptive component) without having to create a new adaptive component??

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!



9-1-2015 1-00-30 PM