I am using Rhythm’s node Sheet.GetViewportsAndViews to get the view and viewports on a linked sheet. There is one view that is dropping the last character from the View name. I am trying to create new views based on the names from the linked file. When the character is dropped the name now matches another view on that sheet resulting in duplicate names.

Revit 2019.2
Rhythm: Latest Update


I will do my best to add more information later if needed. I am on a deadline today and do not have much time.

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Are you sure you are actually getting views from a linked model? Most of the selection nodes in Dynamo are not made to work on Linked Elements. They use current active document for references. Please double check that.

Hey Konrad,

Thanks for the reply. I was using an outdated package of Rhythm’s witch had a document input (got the same result so I updated to the latest version). John has said that this node will check to see which file the sheet came from. (Link to post)

The two views in question do not have counterparts in the current model. I only noticed the error when creating new views with their names. (Views cannot have the same name).

Since views with these names do not exist I am guessing it is grabbing the linked views.

I am using the BIMorph package to collect all sheets in the linked model. It does have a set of nodes designed for this.

Ok. I can probably help, but you need to post a sample Revit/Dynamo files. It’s hard to figure out what is wrong from a picture of a single node.



I have been trying to duplicate the glitch but I cannot seam to. In the moment I changed the names and it started working fine. Sorry I have been trying to get a sample file for you to look at but I cannot.