Getting values values by GetParameterValueByName


Hello Everybody,
It must be a simple question, I get a List and not Values by using Element.GetParameterValueBy name.
Thaanks you for advance



Is your “hauteur” parameter a Type Parameter?

The elements you have selected are the instances placed in the project. You can query their type with FamilyInstance.GetType node and link your GetParameterValueByName node to that list.

There are a few nodes in packages that work like this if the parameter is either Type or Instance. I think Rhythm has one.


Yeah “hauteur” is a type parameter related to windows.
When I try familily instance.Get type it shows this


And now use GetParameterValueByName on the list from your Watch node.


The same result


You should use “hauteur” for the parameterName cause Revit is using your language for this?


unfortunately I doesn’t work, I’m dynamo starter . L1 L2 in the bottum of the node may help?

The result is still the same


My programm begins like this. “Fenêtres” are windows


Here is my german version:

“Türen” means Doors
"Höhe" means height


Can't filter objects and set parameter value


hauteur != Hauteur
replace using correct spelling!


erfajo thaaaank you too much that resolved the problem

Family Instance.GetType was necessary too
Thank you


What you get from the category list is only instances, so yes you need something that can reach the type parameters… I prefer “Element.ElemtType”, since this goes to systemfamilies as well.
Try to get a Wall type parameter with FamilyInstance.GetType and it will fail, Element.ElemtType works :slight_smile: