Center point of sheet

Can someone help me get the center point of a title block on a sheet so I can place the center of a view there :slight_smile:

You can extract the Geometry from the Family Instance as shown here:

Might be possible to use some geometry converstion from the “Sheet Width” / “Sheet Height” parameters (from metric to imperial, as I think this is what sheet-space uses)…:thinking: might try a little test after lunch… or now.

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Turns out I just had to get the bounding box of the title block… views placed in center. Sorry if I described something wrong


All good :+1:, alternative methods documented are better done so than not. Glad you got it sorted.

Took some video of the dynamo user group. Not the best but its something. Think there gonna film the next. Never used youtube to upload so hope that link works


How big is the dynamo group in New Zealand?

64 people at the moment.

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