Getting the xyz of start and end point a nested adaptive component

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As the topic suggests, I’m wondering is possible to get the X,Y,Z co-ordinates of the end points of a nested adaptive component.


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Could you drop files or images of your adaptive component so that others can help you. Thanks :slight_smile:


Here you go, its basically a 3 point adaptive with with two types of nested adaptive components.


Is it possible to drop adaptive family as well.

Here it is slightly modified from the previous one. same principle.web upload.rfa (708 KB)

There is a node from clockwork package called “FamilyInstance.SubComponents” to get nested family. Try using that see if that helps.

Nested families, if Shared, are listed in Family Types
While you can extract their geometry (and inefficiently extract required info), seems like their adaptive points aren’t accessible.

Cheers both! Sorry for the late reply

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