Getting Room Name & Unbounded Height parameter values from linked Model


I am trying to retrieve the room name & unbounded height parameter values from a linked model and I want to insert them into a parameter in my model.

linked parameter (room name) into model parameter (COBie.Space.Description)

linked parameter (unbounded height) into model parameter (COBie.Space.UsableHeight)

Please could someone assist.

Many Thanks

This should get you started. Definitely download springnodes. The select model elements is to select my linked model.


Many Thanks for your reply. I will try to implement this today!


I downloaded the springnode package and the string works fine in that it is retrieving the parameter values from the linked model, I am however failing when assigning them to my model parameters. I am getting a warning: “Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. No parameter found by that name.”?

These parameters are 100% within my model (instance parameters) and are named correctly in the string.

I have attached an image of the string. Can you see what why I am getting this warning?

I have only just started using Dynamo and your input would be appreciated.

Thanks again

You are trying to set the parameters of the rooms in the linked model. You need to select elements from your own model and connect those to your SetParameter nodes.
What are the elements in your model you want to write your parameters to?

The parameters COBie.Space.UsableHeight and COBie.Space.Description which are instance parameters assigned to the spaces within my model.


I got it working with you and John’s help.


That’s good to hear. I just made the following graph, might come in handy anyway :slight_smile:

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