Getting output as wall with chamfer instead of solid

Hi There

Can anyone help to get output of wall. Here input is wall, then i added chamfer but output is solid instead of wall as circled red on top left side.

That’s because you using a Geometry Import. You need to use one of the Wall.Create methods then apply a chamfer to your new wall.

I create a wall method then i set chamfer, but output is not a Wall.

see below graph and say to me what is wrong.

you haven’t pushed the chamfer into the arevit model. Note that walls don’t have a method for editing the geometry like this in Revit. You have to add things to them. Things like void extrusions. You could make a generic model with that type of geometry though. Or an in place family. Or a few other options. But you can’t edir the geometry of a system family directly like that.