Getting non-pointer error while trying to get Design Option Name


Getting the non-pointer error while trying to get the Design Option Name from Mass Floors.
I think this is because I have “-1” for the Main Model elements.
I do not want to mess with the list order because I need it to feed into an IF node.

Is there a way to get the Design Option Name and overcoming this error?


you are feeding a parameter into element. it should be a element

thanks @Nico_Stegeman.

How can I get the info I want while keeping the list structure?

I was thinking about something like.

[0] -1
[1] Option1 (this is the name of the Design Option with ID 1305451
[2] -1

can you show me an overview of the whole?


Here it is. I think it is figured out. I was messing up the list order :frowning:

See Green groups in this dyn
EXPORT - Design Analysis Info for Power BI.dyn (267.6 KB)

I think you’re correct in that the order is causing problems. Some nodes “break” when the first item returns a null value. Your first item is -1 which in this case represents Main Model but isn’t an actual object, so you can’t get the Name.

EDIT: I think you could use a dictionary to get what you’re looking for. You’d just have to add the Main Model option.