Run Dynamo in Active design option

Hi All

Is there a way to run dynamo rules in the Active Design Option only?(Main Model)

I have a script that I’m trying to build but it finds elements only in one of my Design options where I hold generic templates.




There are some packages and nodes that deal with design options. I didn’t see anything at first glance that would address your need.
The code for pulling the option off an element is pretty straightforward.

myElementOptions = []
for e in myElements:
		myElementOptions.append("Main Model")
OUT= myElementOptions

Hi Sorry

Firstly thanks for your help.

Im a novice user, can you explain what this error message is?


You’ll need the appropriate references to access the Revit API.
Read through this:
3.2 Boilerplate Setup Code - Dynamo Python Primer (

What is shown there is overkill for this, but it is a good reference to some common modules needed in Python.