Getting model data without opening a file Civil 3D

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You can somehow make such a node (script) so that you can receive model data without opening a file. Civil 3D.

What kind of data you want to retrieve from external file?
LinkDWG package’s ObjectDBX nodes may give you a good start.


Data: Civil objects - Alignment, Corridors, Profile …

Now LinkDWG does not support any civil objects. But I think you can use LinkDWG’s ObjectDBX concept, plus the C3D API to get the properties you want.

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Asking so I can flag this with developers.

Why do you want to do this?

For example:
I have more than 30 files with a alignment axis and a profile.
It is necessary to take the data of the alignment and the profile in all these drawings.
Then calculate the difference between the surface profile and the lineup profile. And this is in all files.
Dynamo for Civil 3D.dyn (56.1 KB)