Getting linked Cad from linked Rvt model


I’m trying to get the line information of a Cad file which is linked into a Revit model, we call it ghost model, and this revit model is linked into the wip model.

How could I get the cad information what it’s into a linked model?

Appreciatted any help.

You can use BiMorphNodes Package to get those information of a CAD.

Thanks Deniz,

but when I try to get the cad files information from the linked model, I get always a empty list.

But these are not nodes from BiMorphNodes package. You should select the linked cad and then use

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The linked cad belongs to a revit model which it’s linked as well.

In other words, CAD is linked into a rvt model, which it’s linked, at the same time, into another rvt model.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get the information using the mentioned node.

You have to open that file in Background. The CAD File has to be linked with current document. Try to open the linked revit file in bacground and then get linked dwg files from it.