How to sort families from project by size?

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I am trying to sort a list of families in project by size, then pull a count of those over 1MB. I can pull the list of those in the project, but cant seem to find any packages that pull the size data. I saw a topic here: Getting Family size from revit
But this assumes access to a library, which we may not have. The goal is to determine factors indicating model slowness for clients, typically done remotely. I’m a bit stuck. Any thoughts?

Edit: Edited for clarity

Size isn’t accessible as size in a project isn’t really a thing due to the structure of a rvt file. RFAs have a size, RVTs have a size, but RFAs inside an RVT do not.

Next up, size of RFA files isn’t something you can much about performance from. I’ve seen REALLY large family files perform better than really small ones - there are dozens of factors that matter more than size which are accessible and much more meaningful.

Lastly, you should have access to this info, as the family library for each project should be saved out as a library periodically. My general recommendation is every 2 weeks for a multitude of reasons (recovery, backup, restoration, finding needs in the library, etc).

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Hi @jacob.small, I appreciate the response! For the sake of this question, lets just assume I want to perform it as an test.

Perhaps a better question for me to have asked the community would have been how can I pull list data from HTML? I can already push this data to HTML using the BIM Interoperability tools. So I would like to grab that data, sort and filter, and then push back to excel.

I apologize if my initial question was perhaps worded poorly? I have not gotten very far into dynamo or the revit API, so it’s likely my inexperience is showing here. . .

WebRequest node will ready html that is posted to the web.

If it’s saved locally you can also use a read text node.

From there it’s just a matter of string manipulation.

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@jacob.small Thank you so much! I’m sure that seemed obvious to you, but I’m still learning how this all works.

May I also say, sir, that is a dapper tie!

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Glad I could help. :slight_smile: