Getting equipments XYZ points from link and my project and comparing this points. But something is wrong?

I am trying to copy monitor mechanical equipment from mechanical project and getting this equipments xyz points in link and getting eqipments xyz points in my project. Then comparing this xyz points. If xyz points are the same i am writing equipment number on mechanical equipment in my project. But a lot of equipments xyz points are same in link project but some xyz points are different. Why could it be ?

I’m pretty sure linked elements use internal coordinates, so if your coordinate systems don’t match your values will be off. You can search the forums for similar topics that cover finding that translation so you can match up your points.

but a lot of equipments xyz points are the same ? how could it be ?

You have two different list lengths. It looks like you’re getting some equipment in the link that you’re not monitoring. Your lists might also be out of order.

All equipments monitored and i checked the ones that did not work.

The points seem to be in both lists, just out of order. Elements get listed by Id, so if you didn’t copy/monitor each element in the same order that they were created in the link, they will not be aligned. It also shows that you have a different number of points than the link. This likely means that there are pieces of mechanical equipment in the linked model that you are not copy/monitoring. You can try doing a list comparison to filter out the points in the link list that don’t exist in your point list. Then you might be able to sort them.