Getting curve of Balcony where railing should be created

Hello Guys,
I have balcony where i wanna create railing automatically. For that i need to get curve from Balcony but sometimes balcony slab is cut into normal floor as shown in the picture. The blue curves show edges of normal floor while the red curve is what i want.

I tried myself by separating slabs of Balcony from normal floor and then somehow trying intersections between them but somehow not getting it. May be because i have different balconies on different levels. Is there any method where one can just get intersection with a floor type and not necessarily have to give exact floor geometry as input. Any suggestions are appreciated

If you want to use Dynamo geometry I would get all of the interior floors, merge those into a single solid, and test that against the curves of the balcony.

Depending on how your model is built, you could also use room boundaries instead, filtering to just the separation lines or floors which bound the balcony.

i can give it a try. But by intersecting solid with balcony curves is there any other node than Curve.solidintersection. it behaves weird sometimes

Geometry.DoesIntersect - use that as a boolean mask to get the curves you want.

Thanks Jacob. The problem could be that some balconies are half into main floor and that means the side curves of that balcony are half intersecting and half not as shown in picture. The red and blue color just show i want the red color as that part is not intersecting

How are you collecting the balcony edges?

My assumption was room boundary segments, which would return the two lines as separate entities if there was a chain of walls along the red lines in your diagram.

Best to post a representative data set and your current working dyn.

By element.location. Also i tried Geomtery.doesintersect and the side curves of balcony also comes true with intersection because its one end touches the main floor

What type of element is it? We really need a data set and dyn (or at least a image of your canvas at the requisite zoom to read the nodes) to ensure we’re comparing apples to apples.

Actually its a test file and so messy with many tries but im gonna share the main part what you asked.

and the last photo is test model in Revit with main floors and balconies