Convert Dynamo Curves to Boundary lines

Hello. I want to Convert Dynamo Curves to Boundary lines of any possible element (Floor, roof…)
The problem is that I have exported & imported many times 3d Model. And I need to replace some its parts with native Revit Elements like Floors or Ceiling. My idea is to select face with dynamo Node, Surface.Curve Perimeter and then to translate this curves to boundary lines. I can not use the regular Node to crate Floors “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel”. It works only for simple shapes. My floors and ceilings have a lot of openings inside so when it comes to “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” Node it doesn’t work.
Any ideas how to create boundary lines with Dynamo for a complex geometry ?

If somebody hase this issue with the not editable geometry in Revit…
This script solves it

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You can actually mark your own comment as solution so people can immediately see it’s solved. :wink:
Happy to see you got it solved!