Getting and setting .NET API properties with Python

I’m still relatively new to Python and the C3D API so any help here would go a long way! - this is more of a general Python question than an API specific question.

I essentially created some code which creates corridors from alignments and profiles using a python script which works as expected with no issues. However, I would like to be able to change the corridors frequency using the API by setting the following property to 1

I’m having a difficult time getting and setting the property with python. The closest I have come to getting this to work is lines 62 & 63 is the code below. Any help with understanding getting and setting properties would be greatly appreciated !

I have not used Civil3D, but I assume you need to first get an AppliedAssemblySetting object, then you can directly set its properties like this:

# Assume 'setting' variable is AppliedAssemblySetting object
setting.FrequencyAlongTangents = 1