Getpipebyname but get rid of document input and replace with pipenetworkname

I have been using the getpipebyname node but have been running into a problem. I sometimes have similar names between pipes in different pipe networks. Is there another node or python script that would replace the document input with a document.pipenetworkname input. Thanks!

Maybe not so fancy but this is a way it can be made


Thanks Patrick. I will try this out and let you know how it goes!

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So this works great for 2024 Civil 3d but doesn’t work for 2022 Civil 3d (I am missing some of the Camber nodes, see snip). Any work around till we update versions?

Hi @qnliebbe,

Try installing the latest updates for Civil 3D 2022. Should be 2022.1 or newer.

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@mzjensen @patrick.ericson Any ideas why A5-1 and A7-1 are not working???

Hard to tell without seeing the whole picture but are they unique items in the list?
Try this node to get a list of unique items as a list

and insert it after List.GetItemAtIndex

Can you upload an example dwg and your .dynfile?