Pipe Network Information to Excel

I’m trying to pull Structure information, i.e. station, offset, invert, etc., from a Civil 3d Pipe Network and export it to an excel sheet. I am stuck at converting a double to a var.

maybe add a list.create node before the data input?

Oh actually, your inputs for start row and col should be integers not strings sort of like this:

Here’s a basic graph (using Civil3DToolkit) that works for me: Structure Station to Excel v0.dyn (28.9 KB)

You were correct. I added in number sliders, for ease of use, and it worked. thank you!

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This is what I came to and it works but is there a way to condense the export function?
Currently, it is exporting each item which is causing potential overwrite issues.

Pipe Network.dyn (156.8 KB)

Also, side note, how do you download a dyn file? windows 10 wants an .exe file to use for the file but I can’t find the dyanmo .exe.


Yeah it might not do to have so many export to excel nodes. The trick is to add all the lists into one which feeds into the “data” input for the same sheet in the excel output node. Here’s a trick to add in column headers too. Hope this helps!
Pipe Network v2 KM.dyn (95.4 KB)


Thank you! This solved all my issues and gave me ideas on how to move forward.

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