Get Yes - No parameter into a shared parameter

I am new to Dynamo but I think I am close. I have a parameter which is a checkbox and I want to get the value to populate a shared parameter. I am not getting any error but nothing gets filled in the shared parameter I created. The shared parameter field is set to text. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

see topic:

i think it is a list level problem try playing around with the levels

or send a overall picture

and / or convert what comes out of the Lunch box node to a string

use the Node String from Object

Thanks for the reply. I tried string from object and didn’t get any errors but still nothing filled in the parameter. I also tried List.GetItemAtIndex and ran through the levels and get an error and everything is null. Below is the full workspace it’s not pretty but it’s working for the most part. I know the string for parameter name is good because I fed family name to it with no problems.

you have to zoom in and take then a picture
we can not read this

Sorry about that I uploaded a new image above.

i like to see what happens when you do this:

Tried that and received an error I think because that parameter is set as and angle. Then I tried sending it up the M-FAMILY parameter which is a text string and still nothing. I added a watch box and yes and no is coming out of the string from object node.

Personally I try to avoid using ‘spaces’, ‘.’, ‘any special character’, ‘-’ in parameter names.

So the issue is that M-RADIUS 1.5x parameter isn’t populated?
Have you tried populating let’s say the Comments field?

I saw y/n parameter with yes / no output which isn’t right, I believe it’s 1/0 … but afterwards I saw you are using a text-field to get ‘yes’ / ‘no’ as value.

Anyways a simple construction like this works. Is this more or less what you are trying to achieve?

I tried that and it will add a 1 to the comments parameter if only one item is selected. If I try to do all the elbows nothing is populated in the comments parameter. Even if I get 1’s and 0’s I would still need to convert them to yes or no so that we can export this and order the fittings.