GetParameterValueByName returns null value


Im trying to extract data from a list of columns and I cannot get the value of the “Column Location Mark” parameter.
Please check the image below.

Have you tried using .LookUpParameter(“Column Location Mark”) ?


I tried the method below but still no progress.

Also I tried the LookupParameter Method and still got nothing.

So there is a parameter element that you are looking for. try looking for its storage type first before using AsString(). It can be AsValueString() etc etc

Have done that. I posted that on the image above.

so can i ask what is the storage type? :slight_smile:


Is Column Location Mark an instance parameter?

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Hi @blsalvio

Best to drop here rvt file to get clean solution. That will help others who is trying to help you.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the trouble. I think I already know the problem. The dynamo script creates the column at the same time getting the “Column Location Mark” parameter value. When we separated the creation of columns and getting the parameter value into different dynamo scripts, it worked.

Thank you very much for the help.