Get windows and doors node

Hii guys,

I’m trying to get all windows and doors with the node from Chynamo package (GetWindowsAndDoors), but if I’m running it, it counts all my windows double. Can anyone help me out that it will only collects every window one time?

As you can see in the screenshot at the Watch node. It has the same element ID 3 times in one list.

I have no idea how to fix this

Thanks in advance!

Maybe you can use the “List.UniqueItems” node to filter out the duplicates

No, I can’t understand why, but it isn’t working that way.

Thanks for your reply

I have gotten another solution. Further in my script I have a line. I used the RemoveDuplicates node from BimorphNodes package to remove the duplicates. This seems to work, although it’s very weird that it makes duplicates.

Could you please post the Python code here from that node? Maybe there is something causes that error…

Wall.GetWindowsAndDoors.dyf (35.9 KB)

Can you try that?

Door and window collector.dyn (37.3 KB)

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I posted a node and you a script. I don’t know how to make a node of your script.

Or should I implement it in my script?

Here we go:

Door and window collector.dyf (37.7 KB)

No, I’m getting an empty list when I’m running. Don’t know why

You are connecting probably a list. Can you use Levels?

or can you check the node, if the categories are correct? I am using German version, so they can be changed across the other ones…

In the node you should see in categories : Window and Door

I’m using a list indeed. What do you mean by levels?

I’ll have a look in it later this week. I’ll reply on this


I checked it and it works… You should check the categories.

It is giving me this. I don’t know how to fix it.


You should open “Door and Window Collector.dyf” file. It must look like that:


Why not use the Element.Inserts node of Clockwork package ?
It works without duplicates and regardless of the language of Revit.

Okay, it worked. Thankyou very much. Now I can delete the remove duplicates node. Many thanks!

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I will try this one and see if it also works (maybe even better?)