Get Value From Dictionary

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I am feeling really dumb right now. It’s my first time using the new Dictionary nodes and I cannot figure them out. Dictionary.GetValueFromDictionary Only returns null. I looked at the Primer examples to confirm my thoughts on how this should work and I think I am correct but obviously not.

Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit
Revit 2020.2.3

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@Steven Try ValueAtKey node

Thank you @AmolShah

Just saw Dictionary.GetValueFromDictionary is a LunchBox node.

Thanks for the quick reply.

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Hi @Steven Witch package version of LunchBox contains this node? Thanks in advance

Lunchbox is unsupported for Dynamo, as Proving Ground has discontinued their work in this space. Best to utilize the built in dictionary nodes instead.

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Thank-you for the information @jacob.small Have a good day. Cheers

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