Dictionary.Values errors while Dictionary.Components does not

Hi all,

I have a simply dictionary, to get all the values I have to use Dictionary.Components and then use the values output. The Dictionary.Values node doesn’t work at all.

It isn’t really a problem, since the workaround works just fine, but I thought I would share.

The warning states that it’s an issue with rank reduction. This is because your values are lists. The node is meant to return a single value (var) but is getting a list (var[]).

I see, so this node only supports one dictionary as input.

It will take multiple dictionaries if they have singleton values. It just wont handle dictionaries whose values are lists. Look at your values in the Dictionary.Components node. The values are sublists.


I think this was just fixed:


Oh yeah I see! In this example there is just 1 value per key since that makes testing go a lot faster, normally there could be multiple values per key, therefore the sublists.

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