Dictionary returning nulls depending on the key´s source

Hello all. Help me to understand this: I’ve built a dictionary and when i try to get values from it, using keys from a list generated with strings, all i get is a list of nulls.

But when I feed the node with a hand made list with some strings I get the values I’m after.

Can´t understand what’s wrong. Any ideas?
I don´t know if it´s relevant but the key´s list is constructed from strings coming from a google sheet. And I’ve tested it with some string operations to make sure nothing was wrong with the list’s elements.
Thank you.

@Gustavo_Bento_De_Me1 It’s because you have unwanted whitespace.
For Dynamo, “porcelanato” is not equal to " porcelanato".

Try using the String.TrimWhitespace wherever necessary to streamline your data.

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Well, now I’m feeling really dumb! Thank you very much. It was exactly that!