Get the Type Parameters

Hi All,

I want to get and modify Identity Data on Type Parameters, I tried “Element.Get ParameterValueByName” node to get the “URL” information, but can’t work…



For loadable families (e.g. furniture), use Family.Symbol in between your Select Model Element node and the Element.GetParameterValueByName. For system families (e.g. walls), use Element.Type from package Clockwork instead.

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Thank you for your help again. I can do it on my model~






But i want to combine “System families” and “Loadable Familes” to select and edit it, do you have any suggest or method to me?

Because i have A Project need to Export, Update and Import “Identity Data” by excel file.








Read Method



Write Method


The Element.Type custom node should work for loadable families as well. I suggested the built-in Family.Symbol node in case you were only dealing with loadable families.

(I always prefer to use built-in nodes whenever possible…)

I prefer use built-in nodes too, always use custom node will can’t work on dynamo.

Finally, Thank you for your help.