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Is there a dynamo node that will extract type as opposed to instance parameters from elements? Currently the “Element.Parameters” node seems to only return instance parameters, it does not return type parameters in the test I did.



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adding an image for clarification:

looking for a functional version of the “get family type parameter” node from 6.3 in 7.2. the paramater in the red box is a ‘type’ parameter. if i try to get its value in 6.3 i get the value, when i try to get the value in 7.2 i get a null. image is from 7.2.


side by side of above problem. image 1 from 7.2, image 2 from 6.3




I am able to extract Type parameter data fine in Dynamo. I’m currently using 7.1, but will upgrade to 7.2 today and test again.

Have you tried using the setup I have in the image below? using ‘Family Types’ node to access the family.


I think the problem is that in 0.63, you’re feeding the node a family type, where as in 0.71 you’re feeding it family instances. If you recreate your 0.63 nodes exactly into their 0.71 equivalents( just like Danny did), you should be able to read the parameters.


You could add these nodes if you don’t want to manually select the family type:


Thanks Danny and Dimitar. Still not completely sure why Family Symnobl Name nodes did the trick but they worked. Thanks again.


I cant see your pictures as they are too small. I tried saving them to my desktop and zooming in but i still cant read them. Is there a trick to let you can see these pictures better on here? I too need to extract type parameters

I can not see pictures clearly please help me out

This post is from 2014
There is not much of a chance of someone reposting the images
Element.ElementType is the node we use 6 years later

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