Get the rotation value from an already placed Family Instance

Hello everyone,

I have a Revit file which has rotated family instances, see below, and i need to get those exact rotation values to export them into Excel. Is there a way to get these values?

Thanks in advance!

I am a little bit closer, i found this node, but it gives me an error:

Hi @Daan

Are those families structural columns? Do you need elevation rotation angle or plan rotation angle?

I need the plan rotation angle (the top down view angle)

If these are point based families which have been rotated this will return a Vector which you can get the angle from the desired axis using a Vector.AngleAboutAxis node: Dynamo Dictionary

If it is a linear element Element.GetLocation will return the location curve, which can be turned into a vector in a few ways. Angle can then be gathered as before.

Hey Jacob, these families are point families, but as seen in my second screenshot i am getting an error from using the familyinstance.facingorientation node.

I do not know why this does not work because other nodes which ask for family instance input work fine.

Hey Jacob, for some reason did the OOTB nodes not work for me, but when i used the Clockwork package nodes it worked as expected, here is my workflow:

Thanks for your time nontheless :slight_smile:

By the way this is the complete solution: