Get TextNote Value and add breaklines


Is it possible to retrieve the text in TextNotes from revit and add break lines based on a condition?

Here’s an example of how you would create a line break after every occurence of the letter “a”. All custom nodes are from package Clockwork.


Thanks Andreas!

I wll test it as soon as possible and give the feedback. That seams exactly what i was looking for!


The custom nodes I am using below are from the Rhythm package. Here’s a quick design script example on how to split a string after every n numbers of characters:



Thanks for all the help! That will work perfectly for me.

However i ran into another problem as i was trying to test your suggestions. I am trying to filter the selection of the textnotes, by their type name, but i must be doing something wrong and i just can’t figure out what it is.

Here is my example:









Another thing i wanted was to identify in witch sheet each textnote was placed, and change its value according to sheet parameters. I know i could use labels, but i want to be able to add break lines in some points of the text.

You are not supplying the last argument for the Elements.FilterByName node. This needs to be a boolean…

In fact i was missing that argument, and with it it works like a charm.

But can you tell me what i am doing wrong in the filter by parameter value and condition node? That seems a very useful node and i am not being able to use it.

Do you have any suggestions on the connection of the parameters on sheet and text value placed on the correspondent sheet?

Thanks for all the help, you guys are being great!

I am still not being able to use the filterbyparametervalueandcondition node from clockwork package. Is it because i am using revit 2016?

Also is there a way to know which families are placed on a sheet besides views? That is really important for example for project notes.

Hi Rui,
I guess the hardest part of the “Elements.FilterByParameterValueAndCondition” is providing the evaluation function. You need to provide a partially complete function that outputs a Boolean value. For your second question, sheets are just another type of views. So you could try a node like “Element.OwnerView” from the Clockwork package.



I’m new to this awesome dynamo community!

I have one question about the pictures / results, that is uploaded… Is it possible to have a view in a good resolution? I really can’t se the nodes ect…

I hope you can help me out.


Hi @simonrbjerre here is the clear images.

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Thanks @Kulkul