Get sub category and put the value in a paramter

I want to schedule my families by it’s subcategory, but i can’t schedule categories in Revit

So i want to put the subcategory into a shared parameter, so that i can schedule.
I found a node to make a subcategory (clockworks) but there isn’t a node to read the subcategory of a family.And i don’t know Python well enough to create my own.

Does someone have a solution?

I’m trying to learn dynamo but I have a feeling i’m taking two steps forward two steps back.

A family itself usually does not have a subcategory value, unless I am mistaken. You are actually trying to read the forms inside the family and get the subcategory values from those forms, correct?


That is correct. I have several families of the Generic model category and they are divided in subcategories. So one family is in a subcategory STYLES and one in a subcategory GABLE.

They are in subcategories so i have more control in Revit, but i also want to schedule them according to there subcategory. Revit doesn’t allow you to schedule categories. So i made a shared parameter ‘subcategory’. But i already have made a lot of families (which all live in the project). So i want to use Dynamo to automate this.But i don’t now how to get to the subcategories

Arno, you would have to process each family file separately as Dynamo currently does not allow switching Revit documents in the same session.

Andreas, I have all families loaded in one project so i don’t have to switch to a family file…
just have to lookup in what subcategory the family is in and push it to a parameter.

Arno, families are not assigned to subcategories, only their internal geometry is. And in order to obtain that information you would have to open the family file.


Of course…
i have all geometry in the families assigned to one subcategory, but you could assign multiple subcategories.
So this is indeed not possible…

Thanks for the explanation.