Get shared nested profile family from adaptive host family

Hi all together,

I already found some discussions on that topic. However, in my case the proposed solutions don’t work… I have a family for a bridge deck which is created by swept profile sections at different reference points. When I open the deck family I can easily access all parameters and the location in dynamo. Now, I want to do that without editing the family manually e.g. using the node All Elements of Family Type or FamilyInstance.SubComponents but both return empty lists. The profile family is shared and appears in the project browser under generic models when loading the deck family.

Has anybody had the same problem before? Any hint is much appreciated! I am not able to attach the files since I am a new user but from here you can download them.


Check out the archi-lab node:

Hey @Kulkul,

thanks for your reply. But that was not what I was looking for…I will specify my question!

Are you trying to place the family using some external information like Excel?
It’s kindda a common workflow in structure

You are right but I am using the Sofistik Bridge Modeler add in

I am sorry for not uploading screenshots…

For comprehension: here are the discussions I already checked but their solutions do not apply to my problem

Selecting Nested Families
Accessing nested family values

So let me get this straight

  • You have a lit of profiles
  • You have a list of coordinates
  • You want to place a specific profile at a specific coordinate

Is that it?

Well, this is already done in the adaptive component. What I want to do is to receive a list of profiles and a list of coordinates from such an instance without having to go into the family file…

@jan.froehlich In the family file, you’ll first need to make the profiles visible and reload into the project


Wow, thanks! Much appreciated, I would have never figured out that myself.

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